A life of an Unaware Person

We have heard it many times that an illiterate person is better than a person who has half information and no doubt it is dangerous than anything. Nowadays we are living same life of unawareness or you can say half awareness. We know only a piece of information but we never back out from advising of information pretending that no one is knowledgeable than us. Online Market is no doubt very impactful but many times it gives you a wrong direction too. So be careful while choosing your Low Cost Umrah Packages.

A person who is unaware from the realities of life and is never eager to go in the search of light will remain in the darkness. Usually people have their own imaginative world, which always becomes a source of distracting them from the reality. I would refer Muslim as a person who is responsible to show world a righteous path.  It’s like Allah has chosen you to be a right example for the world but unfortunately we are so unaware about the truth of Islam and on top of that we follow those scholars of Islam who think themselves as a light of Islam but they are actually drowning the nation into the darkness. As a Muslim everyone own the responsibility to pass on truth about Islam rather than molding half information into a complete knowledge because that is not only dangerous for you but for others too. A life of an unaware is like you have a ocean of water but you are still thirsty.

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