Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone for Individuals & Teams

Phrases like “Better late than never” and “Time flies” came into being before the invention of smartphones. Apps like Calendar and Meeting schedule tools help us organize ourselves. However in order to keep tabs of how we spend our time we require a time tracking app especially one that is able to do tasks like tag projects or create reports etc. Below you can find our list of the best time tracking apps for iPhone to download from App Store.

1. Toggl Work Time Tracking App for iPhone

Toogle is a user friendly app with an elegant design. It can be used on your iPhone and desktop. You can pin your entries so you can be working on various projects. Toggle gives you choice between different types of report formats and filters. You can bookmark your reports and export to CSV, PDF or Excel.

When the Toggle is set to Today, Toggle may have access to the timer from your device. You can convert and integrate data using zipper hence you might be able to automate. There is a 30 day free trial with the option to upgrade for $5. You can download it today from App Store using this link.

2. HoursTracker: Time tracking app iPhone for hourly work

This app is one of the best app to track time because you have certain extra features. Using time tracking app features you are able to add endless tasks, set the clock as required, go over your hours later and then later export your data. It is not a complicated app but pretty simple. You can use the free trial version to check it out before buying it. The “Clock in Now” button helps us lineup our to-do tasks. We can make changes and switch between jobs as necessary. Hours’ time Tracking is a great app because it can be adjusted to your needs.

3. TimeCamp Free Time Tracker App for iPhone

Time Camp is a great app for time tracking of teams. The focal point of this app is the timesheet of each company. Multiple projects can be worked upon showing a list of ongoing tasks having the latest task at the top to avoid confusion. You can prioritize your tasks using the To-do list .You have the added feature to set a keyword to automatically assign activities. The app is available for mobiles and computers and you can download it from this link.

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