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Now the Karate Kid DVD can be found in the entire world; I'm reminded of a few of the most extensive quotations this 80s classic has given us. The film came out in 1984, however to this day I wager I throw a reference at least once every week. "There is not any winner in this dojo!"

I had been looking around online looking to find out what others had to say about the film and there are tons of websites, forums and websites dedicated it. Just on Amazon, if you proceed to buy the Karate Kid DVDs, you will find over 170 opinions! Incidentally, the average score on Amazon 4.5, that is incredible. It is crazy how this film has influenced everyone and the way that it has stuck together over recent years.

The majority of the opinions out there kind of outline the film and provide testimonials, but you may be amazed how many men, and women dig very deep to the significance and symbolism of the film and how it influenced their lives.

Ironically, years later, it appears a bit cheesy, but I am pretty sure that it was cheesy back then too. I vaguely remember my parents telling me, but I would not think it and I won't. It's a fantastic wholesome movie that created my friends and I karate fight each other. What is corny about this?

In any case, I would like to hear everybody else's take on the film and discuss their favourite quotes. And, for your love of God, in case you do not already possess it, then go online and buy the Karate Kid DVD!

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