Made in China - Getting Our Product Manufactured in China

We had decided that we couldn't make again with our merchandise without discovering a way to make it for less money than it had cost us at the moment. John was comfortable with our merchandise and thought it could indeed be a big seller if we can get it off the floor product manufacturing.

Our merchandise, a little pump that installs beneath sinks to deliver warm water fast into the fixture with no running water down the drain, and could call for a motor, an injection moulded pump, a digital circuit board, and also the instance. Since we needed to own new tooling produced we desired to create some improvements and adjustments to the pump at precisely the same moment.

Our previous pump was a gear pump also created a great deal of sound. We delivered our last pump, a tiny centrifugal shoe very similar to that which we wanted to change to, and also a pair of drawings of exactly what we desired to wind up with. We also delivered a design, circuit board design, and a fully functional sample circuit board.

There were a plethora of issues with all the parts, and we sent back directions how to attract the parts around the level.For some reason that the Chinese had made modifications to the circuit board although we sent them a functional working sample. Part of our agreement with the Chinese maker called for the merchandise to be listed with ETL labs as complying with all the UL standards for an engine operated pumps. After a few more changes we have the circuit board issues straightened out.

Pretty much the same held true for the pump, engine, and situation. They had initial difficulties, but after a few attempts the mill made it right, and we put our initial purchase, a sample size of 250 pumps. My partner led off to China for its very first series of 500 pumps. Also, it was an excellent thing that he did. It took about two weeks, but they eventually got those first 250 pumps constructed and analysed. We put great emphasis on analysing. The circuit boards have been functionally analyzed before the shoe is built, and every engine is tested before being built into the pump head.

Among the issues we encountered initially was difficulty using translations and matters such as being able to look at drawings and get documents to start.

 The Chinese maker is as worried as we are using quality management. He needs plenty of orders and that he knows they will not come when we have quality control problems with this item.In spite of all that testing, the actual test starts in the area. We got about 30% of those pumps back from this batch. There was a range of issues that showed up. Insufficient testing seemingly. We needed to beef up a few of these injection moulded parts, make some little modifications to the mound tooling, and also do a lot better job of analyzing. The identical thing happened with all the subsequent two little batches of 250 pumps. Also, we'd finally reached the stage where were convinced enough to place in our very first major purchase.

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